Weight loss without the pills or diets…

Weight loss can be a mystery. At least that’s what I thought for the first few times when I tried my best to lose my body fat. It seemed that no matter which diet I followed, or what supplements I was taking, the weight just didn’t seem to want to stay off.

I’ll be completely honest. I gave up at one point. Maybe weight loss just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t an athlete, nor was I a movie star. Maybe I just needed to accept that.

I started shifting my focus to addressing my overall health and wellness. It started out with paying more attention to my stress and my perspective about life. But soon I started adopting dietary and exercise behaviors that were meant to improve my focus and productivity.

And then it happened…

I woke up one morning and stepped onto the scale. I was amazed at how – in the past 4 weeks – I had lost 20 pounds of weight by exercising just a few times a week and following certain dietary principles.

It wasn’t as if I was starving myself or going on some sort of crazy diet. In fact, I was still enjoying my beer and pizza like I had always done. Side note, I love beer and pizza. If I had to make the decision, I would not give up my beer and pizza to lose a few pounds of body fat.

This slight shift in focus allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in my own body for once. It helped me develop a newfound energy and productivity that I had never experienced in my life. But best of all, it allowed me to truly enjoy the experiences that I had sitting right in front of me – without regret.

I didn’t have to beat myself up anymore. It was okay to enjoy a delicious slice of my favorite pizza. Never again did I have to worry about going out with friends and having to order a salad, because I felt self-conscious of my behaviors.

I found out that weight loss isn’t about the diets or the pills. In fact, the pills and diets are some of the WORST ways that you can try to get your body to let go of those extra pounds. For those of you who have tried, you know exactly what I mean.

I discovered that losing weight, and keeping it off, relied on following 3 basic principles: fitness, nutrition, and stress. It is about finding that balance in your life to not only help you lose 20+ pounds, and keep it off for good, but also to keep you at the top of your game all year round.

If you’re sick of not seeing results, no matter how hard you try, apply for a spot in our weight loss program that is designed to deliver sustainable weight loss for months and years to come.

This isn’t a 28 day or 6 week gimmick. It’s our way of delivering personalized solutions that create lasting results. If you’re ready for real change in your life, submit your application today.

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Gimme Fit is worth every dollar, hands down. It is also CHEAPER than other personal trainers and the best part is that you can work out at home.

Yajen, the trainer, determines the perfect workout for each individuals and WILL NOT assign everyone a basic or the same workouts. Each person is different and he will make sure the work out is most effective for your fit. The best part is he also watches what you eat and will help you work towards a healthier path, whether or not you stay with him in the future.

For the actual training itself, he will exercise you only to what you can do. He will push you, but slowly and won’t injure you or push you to do what you can not do. If you can not do a certain exercise for whatever reason, he will find one to replace it and have a similar exercise that has the same purpose. He knows exactly which muscles to use, where to target, and will make sure your form is correct so that you won’t hurt yourself. As time goes on, he will add more sets and push you a little harder, but honestly you won’t even notice it. Trust me when I tell you he will work at your pace; very patient. He is one of the best, honest (won’t cheat you of your money,) and has extensive knowledge of what he does.

Julie T.

By far the best trainer I’ve seen. I’ve compared multiple trainers and my coach helps target what you want help on. He is very attentive and he explains each exercise in full detail like where this exercise is suppose to target. And which muscles to use and what to do if you’re sore. Unlike the other trainer, he keeps an eye on your form to make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly.  His price is perfect. Not too expensive. Other trainers charge about $1000+ for 10 sessions. My trainer price is reasonable and affordable. The best part is that the coach can come to you to help train you. All you need to prepare is water, towel and wear workout clothes. He will bring the equipment needed. By far the best trainer I’ve had. And I’ve searched for a lot and nothing compared to him or his price. Not to forget he is very patient and explains every question you have. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great attentive personal trainer.

Mandy C.