64% of weight loss results from one simple change

The search for weight loss results can be crazy. One moment you’re told that fat is horrible for you, and then next, it’s amazing. Then it’s horrible again for whatever scientific reasons. Does that sound familiar?

I work exclusively with people to help them develop the habits and behaviors that will help them lose weight and keep it off for months and years to come.

Before this gets too close to sounding like a sales pitch, let me share with you the one single change that will produce 72% of your weight loss results.

It’s not a magic pill, it’s not some secret diet, and it’s not even my awesome program (cause that would produce 100% of results 😉).

What is it?

Portion control.

Damn it. Right?

But wait.

Let me quickly break down how I reached this answer. If you’ve ever heard about Pareto’s principle, or better known as the 80/20 rule, then you know that 80% of any given outcome is the result of about 20% of efforts or actions.

When it comes to weight loss, diet is the 20% of actions that will produce 80% of results. Truth is, it’s hard to outwork a poor diet.

But here’s the crazy part…

Within that 80/20 rule, there’s another 80/20. That means that 20% of that 20% will produce 80% of that 80%. What?

The math comes down to this.

4% of what you do will produce 64% of the results. And that is where portion control comes into play.

Just as I was writing this, I had realized that I did my math wrong. So if you saw the video, I promise I wasn’t clickbait. I genuinely thought the math came out to be 72%. Oops!

But back to portion control. How do you do it?

As someone who has struggled a lot with portion control myself, I can say from experience that environmental factors can play a big part it determining portion sizes.

And how do you change that?

Here are three ways that you might have known already.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is a big deal. And most people don’t realize that it only takes 1-2% water loss for dehydration to start kicking in.

A strange side effect of dehydration can come in the form of hunger. For most people, that’s just another signal to eat. So before you dive into that midday snack next time, try knocking back a glass of water first to see how you feel!

Curious how much water your body needs every day?

There’s a lot of mixed opinions out there. I usually recommend people shoot for a minimum of half of their body weight (in pounds) of water (in ounces) per day. You can add on a couple more drinks if you are highly active or spend more time in the heat.

Pay attention to dinnerware

I grew up eating from pretty large bowls and plates.

As a result, I thought that eating freakishly large amounts of food was normal. Until my body told me that it wasn’t.

I found out that a super simple way to cut down on portion sizes was to just use smaller dinnerware. It pretty much worked immediately.

Unless you have a large appetite, swapping out plates can often be enough to save you from overeating on a regular basis.

I have a theory that the same thing happens when we snack. It seems so easy to eat until you’re full with a family sized bag of chips sitting in front of you, but the same doesn’t happen if you portion out the size beforehand.

Let me know what you think about that one.

Load up on fiber

Fiber-rich carbohydrates do an amazing job at helping keep us full. And as a nice added bonus, it also does wonders when it comes to providing stable energy throughout the day.

Most of the carbohydrates that we eat on a regular basis are low in fiber, so they end up breaking down quickly in the digestive system and leaving us hungry not too long afterwards.


If you haven’t been paying enough attention to your portion sizes lately, take a second look and see where you can make improvements in. Remember, with about 64% of weight loss results sitting on portion control, small adjustments can make huge impacts.

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