This is why pizza is key to a healthy diet

In the past year, I’ve had a phase where I made sure that I ordered at least one pizza every week. It almost became routine to me. One pizza a week, two pizzas a week, sometimes even a third if I was lucky. Despite the large amount of pizza I was eating, I still was able to maintain a “6-pack physique” year-round, but more importantly, I was able to remain happy and satisfied with my routine diet habits.

I’ve tested and analyzed dozens of diet trends over the past few years. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t work, and a few that could hospitalize you if you’re not careful. On that note, let’s sidetrack real quick, be very careful about what you decide to experiment with when it comes with dieting. There are so many BS diet programs out there that make it seem like you’re making progress, but realistically, are just harming your body by dehydration or muscle atrophy. Back to the point, there are of healthy and sustainable diets out there. The one factor that I’ve discovered, that determines whether a diet succeeds or fails, is how restricting it feels to you.

The perfect diet for you

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle aren’t really too complicated in theory. The general idea is that you limit your portions, eat lots of veggies, and eat whole foods. Although that might be oversimplifying it a little bit, that’s pretty much all there is to it. Keeping that in mind, you’ll realize that a whole bunch of diets fit within those limitations – ketogenic, vegatarian, low-carbohydrate, the list goes on and on. The only problem that comes around is when you start thinking “ugh, this again…”. Your diet should not only include meals that you enjoy, but also foods that you may crave.

Here’s an easy way to think about it. If your favorite food is steak, and you decide to become a vegetarian for the rest of your life, you’re going to have some serious problems down the road. On the other hand, if you love a fresh salad, with a sweet tangy sauce, loaded up with nuts and seeds, then you know that a vegetarian diet will be perfect for you. Starting to get the picture here? Great, here’s the best part.

Where does pizza come in?

Once you’ve chosen a diet that fits your taste buds and lifestyle, you must understand one thing. Your diet does not define who you are. Don’t get so caught up in a dietary FORMAT that you lose sight of foods you love. I love pizza. If I were ever chose a diet that restricts pizza, I wouldn’t make it. Remember that your diet is just a tool to help you establish a healthy lifestyle for yourself. It’s a foundation to help you pursue the things you love. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, vegan, or alien. Use diet to find your balance, so you can eat more pizza with fewer consequences. So with that, go eat more pizza and smile more! 🙂

2 thoughts on “This is why pizza is key to a healthy diet”

  1. Hey, I really like your approach to the topic. I think problem with strict black-and-white approach to diets is that many people have this belief, that you need to suffer a bit to be healthy. It’s riddiculous! Enjoying food makes it infinitely easier to keep the diet! In other words it’s easier to maintain healthy lifestyle.

    I’m “veggies with fish from time to time” kind of person and for 7+ years haven’t eaten other meats. When people learn about it they are usually like “wow, that’s impressive”. But I don’t like meat, so what to admire here? 🙂

    I think lots of food got a bad fame, like pizza you are talking about. I believe it CAN be unhealthy, but very often is not. I’m glad you are fighting against those beliefs 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading and supporting Monika! 🙂 It sounds like you definitely have an amazing idea of what I’m trying to communicate.

      I firmly believe that not only does focusing more on enjoyment improve our nutritional “performance”, but also takes a lot of the stress out of eating.

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