Gimme Fit Professional Trainer
Yajen from Gimme Fit

At 13 years old, I remember sitting in the hallway, talking to my buddy Luke. I’m not entirely sure how we ended out there. Probably kicked out of class for some sort of misbehavior. The conversation eventually led to Luke telling me I should check out a gym, I don’t remember how or why, but that’s where it all started.

Two weeks later, my dad drove by Arcadia Fitness Center, which used to be on Duarte, and asked if I wanted to sign up. Thinking back to that conversation back in the hallway, I thought sure, why not?

Where I began in fitness

Having started working out at an early age, some of my biggest influences came from the bodybuilding industry. I wanted to be just like them. Big, muscular men and women throwing around crazy amounts of weight. By the time most of my classmates learned what a bench press was, I was already hundreds of workouts into my experience.

As I moved into college, I noticed that I had put on a couple pounds from lack of exercise and poor nutrition during that transition period. I decided to take on exercise once again and be more mindful of what I was eating. Before I knew it, I easily knocked out 10 pounds in about 4 weeks time – I never recognized that weight manipulation was something that people actually struggled with.

Throughout the rest of my college days, I was asked over and over again for advice, from people who were looking to shed a couple pounds of body fat and really bring out the definition in their bodies. I even took up a couple friends and classmates to train. That was when the thought first hit me, I could probably do this as a living!

The start of personal training

At that time, I was sick of what I was seeing in the fitness and weight loss industry. People were being fed a whole bunch of useless diets, pills, and workouts that did way more harm than they did good. I’m sad to say it, but I still see plenty of these gimmicks still on the market today.

As I entered the world of personal training, I decided to put the health and well-being of my clients first. Instead of implementing the widespread bodybuilding of temporary weight loss, I would help my clients meet more important markers, like hydration, nutrient intake, sleep, stress, and lives.

I know how hard it can be to cycle through a variety of diets and workout programs claiming to give you abs or drop 20 pounds in 2 weeks. It really shouldn’t be that way. In order to reach a successful body transformation, we need to step back and figure out what mechanisms are behind the unnecessary weight gain. We need to figure out ways for you to relax throughout the week, so that you don’t plop down on your couch every night with a burger and a couple beers to calm yourself down. We need to figure out why the diets and the workouts you’ve tried in the past just haven’t quite met your expectations. But most importantly, we need to figure out what works for you, because at the end of the day, your lifestyle and habits are what determines your success.