5 quick changes for superwoman energy

Your energy levels can play a huge role in determining how your day unfolds. If energy levels are high, then productivity can definitely be maximized, but if you’re running on a horrible night’s of sleep and your diet is just completely unaccounted for, that could easily get in the way of leading a productive day. Fortunately for me, I’ve discovered a handful of small and quick changes that can help skyrocket energy levels on any given day.

Go with green energy

I’m not talking about renewable energy here. What I’m talking about here are veggies! Not only do vegetables pack in a ton of important micro-nutrients, they also contain high levels of fiber that helps regulate appetite and metabolism.

Now, I know that it can be tough to get used to eating vegetables for some of us who are a little more stubborn, but the great thing is that there is so much variety available to us. The key is definitely to try out different vegetables and see which ones please your palate the most. If you’re wondering how you can pump your diet up with more vegetables, here are a couple ways that I like to incorporate more greens into my own diet.

  • Swap out your carbs (grains, breads, pastas) for a salad or salad mix
  • Simply add it straight into your dish (work great for soups, pastas, rice, just about anything!)
  • Boost your smoothie with a pre-washed salad mix

Smoothie break to recharge

Smoothies are one of my favorite meals. Not only do they pack in a ton of nutrients, but they taste amazing. Regular fruit smoothies are pretty sweet, so I like to stuff a large handful of pre-washed salad mix in to balance things out. Finding the the right blend for yourself is definitely the key to improving your smoothie experience.

If you want to learn a quick and easy smoothie recipe that’s packed with nutrients, check out the last recipe in my 3 delicious breakfast recipes under $3.

Love and kindness meditation

So here’s a shout out to Tim Ferriss’ podcast, for introducing me to the concept of meditation over and over. After considering it many times, I decided to give it a shot. I started out with guided meditations from Tara Brach. She’s got a ton of free guided meditations available on her website. Although making this a habit is still something that I’m slightly struggling with, the results I saw were almost immediate. Not only did I feel more energized and focused after my meditation sessions, I also felt happier overall throughout my day.

Work it out

“I’ll workout if I have time”. We, as a culture, have started to push exercise off as something that we consider supplemental to our lifestyles, but realistically, it’s more important than most of us give it credit for. Aside from the abundant health benefits that exercise has on our bodies, it’s a key method to reducing fatigue, and boosting energy, according to WebMD. Almost everyone knows just how much exercise can help them out, but we all struggle with getting up and going.

Starting to make exercise a habit can be really tough, so I would recommend that you start small. Try taking a 20 minute walk a couple times a week, or even go for a light jog if you feel up for it. As you begin making a habit out of that change, then you can really start adding on some more energizing activities, such as weight training, interval training, or even recreational sports.

Staying hydrated

I’m usually very well hydrated with the gallon or two of water I’m consuming on a daily basis. However, there are also instances in my life where I find myself neglecting my body’s demands for more water. In these cases, I’ve always felt the same drained, depleted feeling, that is a clear signal for me to throw back a couple glasses of H2O. Keep track of your own water intake for a couple of days, and see if you feel better by increasing that volume.

If you feel like you could use a little extra energy throughout your day, give these changes a shot, and see how your energy levels will grow week by week.

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