5 keys to crafting the perfect workout

Nowadays, workout trends seem to come and go with the season. First boot camps came along, then Crossfit got next in line, Orangetheory popped in somewhere afterwards, along with cycling, boxing, and a more fads than I can really keep up with. So with more options available than we can count, how do you find the perfect workout for you?

Choose a location

The closer, the better. I’ve always gone with finding the closest gym I have to my home. Sometimes that’s two blocks away, but always under 10 minutes drive. Not only will this save you a ton of time, but you’ll also have one less excuse to get your butt to your workout.

Find an environment

This goes further than indoor versus outdoors or gym versus studio. Make sure that the people you’re working out alongside of are giving off the same vibes that you feel comfortable with. The weight room at the gym can be a great place to workout, but that guy in the corner screaming his face off and throwing around weights might not be the most pleasant amenity available.

I’ve learned over time that some people like working out in solitude, treating their workout as time for meditation or reflection, while others need the push of a group or trainer in order to stay driven. Figure out what might help you the most and choose a workout option around that.

Determine workout intensity

It’s no doubt that exercise does wonders for the body. We’ve also found out that high intensity workouts come with amazing benefits. With that being said, I’ve also seen a lot of workout programs that completely overshoot it with the intensity – so much so that I get a little afraid watching. If your goal is to keep in shape, moderate paced workouts, sprinkled with higher intensity intervals, are the best option for you.

Determine workout interval

If you’re not trying to looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his prime, there’s no need for you to be spending two hours in the gym. Realistically, you can probably get just as much done in 30-45 minutes if you cut down on break times and re-evaluated your choices of movements.

If you’ve got a buttload of work to finish throughout the day, then a never-ending list of chores to take care of once you get home, you can get plenty done in a 20-30 minute interval. People always tell me that they don’t have time to go to the gym, but if you’ve got 20-30 minutes a day and a tad bit of discipline, you’re more than set to knockout a session in your living room.

Consider instruction

I’ll admit, there are more than enough resources available online today for you to become your own coach, but if you’re not comfortable doing the research and developing the perfect workout for yourself, a trainer or program can come in handy. It can definitely get confusing when trying to learn all the factors that go into developing a program for the first time. If you feel like giving it a shot, think over these five points that we just covered and see if you can develop a well-rounded workout program for yourself.

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