3 ways to cut stress without a glass of wine

Stress sucks. Unfortunately for us, stress just becomes an added worry in our lives on top of chores, work, kids, money, and that guy who is “running” the White House. Not only can this long-term stress keep us up at night, it can also result in a whole bunch of health complications. We all know that the simple “just relax” doesn’t really give us much to work with, so here are 3 awesome ways to de-stress and reboot.

Exercise is such a powerful influence on stress levels and overall well being. Make sure to find time in your life to incorporate some form of exercise regularly.


One of the most popular methods people use to deal with stress is exercise. It might be difficult to drag yourself into the gym after a long, stressful day, but after a great workout, you’re sure to leave feeling more clarity and calm. I can definitely attest to how there’s a correlation that I often see between my general wellness and exercise routine. I often see that as I reduce my exercise frequency, I start to feel low-energy and low-motivation.

How to start: if exercise isn’t something that you already have regularly incorporated in your life, focus on starting small. Make a commitment to just step outside 2-3 times a week and go for a light jog or even a walk around the block. Even a small adjustment like that can prove to have positive results on your health. The key here is always consistency. Avoid trying to dive headfirst into a 5-day-per-week workout routine meant for intermediate or advanced athletes – that’s almost a guaranteed way to burn out and add additional stressors to your life.

Being grateful can tremendously improve the quality of your life by building up your relationships and teaching you to appreciate.


This one might seem silly at first, but it works wonders. Gratitude is actually something that I recently took on as a practice in my own life. A couple ways to approach this would be through meditation, routine thoughts, or a daily journal – like the one I use every morning and evening.

I can’t really place a finger on how or why being grateful is able to relieve you of stress, but it’s been incredibly effective for me so far. One of the ways that I like to think about it is that all these problems that you have in your life are really nonsense compared to the amazing blessings that we all have been bestowed upon each and every one of us.

How to start: grab a journal or just a notebook for you to document your grateful thoughts in. I like to do this first thing in the morning when I get out of bed. Make a list (my journal asks for 3) and write down all the things that you might be grateful for that day. The idea here is to really allow your positivity shine through. A couple things that I’m regularly grateful for include:

  • The beautiful California weather
  • An abundance of opportunity
  • Access to delicious food
  • A loving and supportive relationship

There is so much positivity in the world, we just need to give ourselves the opportunity to reach out and find it.

Reach out to society

This one is so important, I can’t emphasize it enough. We’ve all had low points in our lives, times when we feel that we’ve hit rock bottom. I know that personally, for myself in the past, I have the tendency to isolate myself from society when I hit stressful times in my life. Doing that is the equivalent of drowning myself in an echo-chamber of shitty thoughts and negative energy. It might not seem like something that you want to approach right away, but just trying to reach out to someone and talking about it can really help lift you up.

As I started to embrace socializing with more and more people, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people out there are amazing human beings who can share so much compassion and acceptance towards one another. To be quite honest, it’s not really an experience I know how to explain, but to those who struggle with reaching out to others, I urge you to at least try – the outcome is a truly beautiful experience in the long run.

If overwhelming stress is something that you deal with on a daily basis, take a moment to step back and see if you can apply any of these methods to your own situation. Remember, as always, change takes time and effort, but the results of change can really impact your life beyond words. Comment below or on Facebook and let me know what you do to help deal with your stress!

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