3 do NOT do’s when you mess up your diet

Summer is just around the corner, which means that diet season is in full swing. 120g of chicken, 200g of rice, and 80g of avocado sounds like the perfect way to shed your hibernation weight. But lo and behold, one Oreo led to another and now you’re 200 calories over your allowance and it’s not even dinner yet. Before you lose your mind and starve yourself for the next two days, here’s what NOT to do when you make a mistake on your diet.

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Don’t beat yourself up or give up

Just as how one salad never gave anyone a six pack, one tub of ice cream or bottle of wine also never slapped 10 pounds onto anyone. The major flaw with diets is that they fail to address the fact that short term solutions can only provide short term results. As soon as your diet is complete, your results will slowly spiral out until you’re right back where you started.

The most useful diet advice is to be patient and always improve. We all want to see results, in just a few weeks, when the reality is that it took months or years for our bodies to become this way. Without giving yourself room to fail, you’re never going to make it to the finish line – I’m extremely guilty of this one myself. We have the tendency to see the process as a straight-lined path, when in reality, it’s full of bumps and obstacles that are waiting for us to conquer!

Don’t try to make up for it

I love ice cream, and brownies, and cookies, and pizza – you get the picture. Which is why it baffles me that people can eat their favorite foods and just feel miserable about it afterwards. You should enjoy it while it lasts. Whether or not that sundae was planned into your diet, it’s already gone and past, so don’t go skipping out on your dinner just to fall back into your caloric guidelines. It’s incredibly important to stick to your planned program, but an extra few calories a week isn’t going to be what kills your success in the long run.

Don’t let diet control your life

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or deprived from your diet, then odds are, that’s not the right program for you. We get so caught up in our desires sometimes that we throw common sense right out the window. The first rule to finding a good diet for you is – make sure that it is enjoyable and flexible to your lifestyle. Diet is meant to fuel our bodies, not drain them.

What to do: re-evaluate your habits and decision

Take a moment and evaluate the habits and behaviors that have caused you to get into a situation where you even believed that you needed to go on a diet in the first place. Figure out a couple behaviors that you feel are worth addressing and figure out the best method of addressing that. By slowly picking apart those behaviors, you’ll begin to unwind the consequences that your body has been suffering after all those years.

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